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Jessica + Cherie

I'm Jessica, mother of four daughters; Kairah (13), Shiloh (10), River (7), and Arrow (3.5). 

Growing up, my wild enneagram 7 spirit struggled to find a home in the narrow cultural definition of feminine that I saw around me. It wasn’t until I gave birth to my first daughter at age 28 that I felt deeply connected to my body and awakened to my feminine power and potential. This experience ignited a passion and a calling to accompany and empower women in the raw, wild moments of their lives: both in childbirth as a trained doula and in their everyday lives as a transformational coach.

Raising daughters brought a fiery urgency to my own healing and to creating a pathway of embodiment and connection for my daughters. I want them to grow up anticipating their transition to womanhood and grounded in their unique and wild feminine spirits.

my story

My work with women began 12 years ago after completing a graduate degree in Biology. I co-founded an international company that partnered with Ugandan women who were refugees to create a business that brought their products to the American market. This is where I learned the resilience and power of the feminine spirit and the fierce love of a an empowered mother.

Currently I work as a clinical herbalist and a coach. I believe the most powerful, lasting healing comes from the integration of modern science and ancient wisdom. I help women and daughters heal their bodies, connect with their intuitive wisdom and live embodied in their unique calling.

I love spontaneous adventures, long hikes, travel just about anywhere, hot yoga, and a good book.  I live in San Diego with my partner Clayton, our four daughters, dog and five chickens. You can connect with me on Instagram at @jessicaanneconnolly to follow our family adventures!

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I'm cherie, sex therapist and mother of Evie (12), Jackson (11), & Zara (9)

Before having kids, I had this idea that it would be the end of having a life of my own. It is not just a notion that was in my head. As girls and women the pervasive message we learn is: your life as a woman is a life of service to others, a life of self sacrifice.

In reality, motherhood “midwifed” me into myself. I learned that loving my children well is directly connected to how I love myself and how I remember my own life. This meant connecting with my sexual and spiritual self and trusting my inner knowing. 

As a sex therapist, I love getting to be alongside women as they wake up to themselves and move towards the new sexual and spiritual story that is uniquely theirs. I share the path to owning that your sexuality is yours before it is anyone else’s.

about cherie

I get to share with women a way in which sexuality can be seen as a force for good in the world. That sexuality is not just about genitals and sex but rather is about all of who we are: heart, body, mind, and soul. I am super excited to be collaborating with Moon Daughters and glad you are on this journey of exploration towards a new understanding of what your sexual story can mean for you and what it can mean for your daughter!

I live in Milwaukee, WI, freshly here as of this past summer after 13 years living in Seattle, WA. I love being in nature, stand up paddle boarding, hot yoga, music & concerts, good food & cocktails, time with close friends: laughing & sharing deeply, road trips, traveling, the smell of lavender, and being in or near water.

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