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are you feeling overwhelmed with how to invite open conversation between you and your daughter, especially in a time like this when things feel heavy? 

NEW: questions designed to facilitate honest conversations about what is happening in the world right now

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what's included:

our free conversation starters are designed to help you begin authentic, meaningful conversations at any age

32 printable, open-ended questions to ignite meaningful connection & conversation between you and your daughter
about her body, cycle, feelings, relationships and the world

A guide for following your daughters natural curiosity and emotional patterns instead of trying to "force it"

"I feel empowered to be more straightforward when I see opportunities to talk about things like consent, pleasure, learning about body parts, etc - no longer second-guessing or thinking, "there will probably be a better time for this"! 

download the conversation starters now

Laura, mama of a 5 year old

We’re Jess & Mellisa,

and we're both

holistic coaches,

doulas and mothers

behind our story

behind our story

With daughters ages 2-12, we know what it’s like to feel the urgency of your daughters growing up, feeling the pressure to ensure that we’re “teaching” them the right things about their bodies and the changes they will experience.

On our own healing journeys and through our work with women and families, we’ve discovered that the answer goes beyond the basics of physiology and sex education, and is found in embodying a deep connection to the power of the feminine cycle that we can share with our daughters at any age. This sacred cycle is mirrored in the world all around us and offers a guide to connecting with our own cyclical nature.

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