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cycle tracking is the ultimate tool for harnessing your true potential

In our cycle tracking tool & guide, we will not only show you the benefits of cycle tracking, but provide you with an easy-to-use tool to help you get started!

With the power of awareness at your fingertips, you will begin to see your own patterns emerging and understand how to align with your energy instead of resisting and denying it.

Even if you've tracked your cycle before, our simple and refreshing approach will help you center yourself in this life-changing practice!

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"You will learn to listen to your body in ways you previously hadn't. You will be empowered for better self-care and self-awareness. You'll be surprised at how much more there is to being a woman than you realized!"

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Stasi, mama of an 11 year old

We’re Jess & Mellisa,

and we're both

holistic coaches,

doulas and mothers

behind our story

behind our story

With daughters ages 2-12, we know what it’s like to feel the urgency of your daughters growing up, feeling the pressure to ensure that we’re “teaching” them the right things about their bodies and the changes they will experience.

On our own healing journeys and through our work with women and families, we’ve discovered that the answer goes beyond the basics of physiology and sex education, and is found in embodying a deep connection to the power of the feminine cycle that we can share with our daughters at any age. This sacred cycle is mirrored in the world all around us and offers a guide to connecting with our own cyclical nature.

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