"That was some spirit freeing, life coarse-altering, priority realigning, feminine badassery infusing, true self releasing shit. My soul reclaimed. Wild & free ONCE MORE! Can’t thank you enough for the journey."

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Jessica & mellisa

We're Jess and Mellisa! We are both mothers, transformational facilitators, doulas, herbalists, and we work with women through both the small and monumental life transitions.

In each of our stories, you'll see the common thread of disconnection from self, body and sexuality. We have felt the personal and collective domestication of our feminine spirits and we've paid a price for it.

On our healing journeys, we've reclaimed our wildness and connected with our essential feminine nature. We've learned ancient and modern practices to help women feel embodied and empowered in their everyday lives.

If we want to offer our daughters a different story, it will have to start with healing our own stories.


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Here's what we'll explore and experience together in Wild Mother...

understanding what your sexuality is really for

Understand the distinction between masculine and feminine energies and learn how and why your sexuality is a creative force.

Learn how to truly inhabit your body so you can harness the power of your sexuality for all kinds of things, not just sex.


learn how to awaken desire & feel free in your body

Learn how to create what you want by exploring the connection and and synergy of your wild woman and mother archetypes.

Explore how this connection impacts your motherhood, your womanhood and your aliveness in the world.


release as a healing

Learn how to release the relational patterns and wounds that have held you back and contained your sexuality.

Learn actual practices that will help you show up with courageous presence, experience deeper joy, and connect to your wildness.


expressing your wild mother

Experience how embodiment and movement are tools for understanding and expressing your feminine energy and how to use this energy in your everyday life.

Reclaim your feminine energy as a birthright and learn how to express your wild mother spirit.


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the practice of pleasure

Explore the cultivation of your own personal pleasure practice and how to transcend the inner and outer obstacles to truly connecting with your deepest, most sensual self.  

Discover that when you first belong fully to yourself, you can offer so much more to the world.


CHat with a sex therapist

Identify your lingering questions around sex, your body and what's normal and what isn't in a q&a session with sex therapist Cherie Katt.

Stand in power and confidence as you explore answers and pathways forward to greater freedom and pleasure.


What a heart opening and pleasurable experience! Jess and Mellisa are wise and prolific guides, and their chemistry together only adds to it. What they offer is invaluable for any woman and has helped me awaken to a new perspective on all things feminine.


Course format:

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4 weekly sessions on zoom for 2 hours: Tuesdays @ 9am PST (recorded if you're unable to attend live).

Session dates: Oct 19th, 26th, Nov 2nd, 9th. (Bonus session days Nov 12th & 16th)

Experiential teaching with embodiment and meditation practices.

Interactive format with small group practice and sharing.

Session workbooks to summarize learnings and take home integrations.

Lifetime access to our course, Cycle Wisdom for Mother and Daughters.

Ongoing access to all monthly live discussions and interviews within the Moon Daughters community. 

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