Do YOU have your OWN BAGGAGE AROUND SEXUALITY and you're worried about passing it along TO YOUR DAUGHTER?



The gentle approach of this course helped me to see that it's not just about having "the talk" with my daughters, but it's the spiritual and emotional approach to sexuality that really matters.

- ashley, mama of three daughters


age specific, holistic  video lessons to help you TALK with your daughter about sex with openness, honesty and shame-free connection.

with Jessica Connolly &


Starting at any age and in the flow of everyday life.

the course

Science shows us that our sexuality is a core part of us from the time we're in the womb. Yet so often it's a siloed part of our experience that has been misunderstood and laced with confusing messages and inaccurate information in our modern culture. Many of us bear the scars of shame based sex education, secrecy and even trauma. And now as mothers, we long to raise empowered daughters which means we'll have to share with them a different story.

Yes, I am so ready to reclaim my sexual legacy!

where do we begin?

modern science + ancient wisdom

Your sexual legacy is the sexual story you're creating for your daughter every day. Holistic sexuality includes her body, heart, mind and spirit. It's intentionally creating a shame free environment where her sexuality is honored, nurtured and can openly grow with her.

It begins with you reclaiming your legacy in the small everyday moments with your daughter.

"I look forward to conversations about sexuality with my daughters now! There are so many meaningful ways to approach it and we feel even more connected."

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3 Ways to Create a Shame Free Sexual Legacy for Your Daughter

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behind our story

behind our story

learn more about
Jessica and Cherie

I'm Jessica,

mama to 4 daughters,

holistic coach,

doula, and herbalist

No matter how you look at it, sexuality is a tender topic in our modern culture. With 4 daughters, each in different stages of development, and in my work with women; I've come to realize that we can't empower our daughters unless we embrace our own path of awakening and healing.

 I created this course in collaboration with sex therapist and mother of three Cherie Katt, to take an in depth look at how to guide our daughters into a healthy, shame-free, holistic sexuality.

Creating sexual legacy

is for you if:

we made this for you

we made this for you

You're just not sure how to talk to your daughter (young or old) about her body and sexuality in a natural, non awkward way

Your daughter is still young and you want to begin now the conversations that will lead to a healthy, self image and sexuality

You don’t want your daughters to have to heal from the same, shame, trauma or disembodiment that you've experienced

You're daughter is approaching her pre teen/teen years and you're worried it's too late and you haven't shared enough about sex, her body and how to stay safe

You don't want the confusing, misinformed cultural narrative about sexuality to be your daughter's biggest influence as she grows.

You sense that there is something deeper and more spiritual about your femininity & sexuality but don’t know where to start in exploring it

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Here's what's included in 
creating sexual legacy

4 in depth video Lessons

Enough wondering when and how to talk to your daughter about sex. We'll guide you through a thorough understanding of how culture has influenced your own sexual story so you have the confidence to guide your daughter.

Then we'll take you through 3 main developmental age ranges and give you practical ways to connect with your daughter and help her integrate an accurate, positive and holistic understanding of the flow of life.

Take the course at your own pace over four weeks, or easily go through all the lessons in one week.

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beautiful, interactive workbooks

Each module has an accompanying workbook that summarizes the main learnings from that lesson and leads you through practices and integrations.

You can download and print to take notes during the video lessons or follow along digitally. You'll have these for future reference as your integration continues to unfold and impact your relationship with your daughter

At the end of each workbook there are a list of resources as live links including books, classes and videos to support you as you continue this journey.

you're going to learn a lot, but integration is the key!

are you ready to reclaim your sexual legacy?

In women’s sexual stories, it is common for me to hear the word “should”, or “my partner wants me to want sex more”, or “sex was always a no until the switch of marriage turned on and all of a sudden it was a yes” or “sex just hurts a little bit”.

Obligation, performance, and dismissing pain is a familiar narrative and many women resoundingly say, if they have children, that they would never want to pass this way of understanding sex or sexuality on to their daughters. They also often courageously name they do not know another way.

As a sex therapist, I love getting to be alongside women as they wake up to themselves and create a new sexual legacy to share with their daughters.

A note from cherie....

Yes! I want to create a new sexual leagcy for my daughter!

 Cherie works with women, men, and couples as it relates to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realities of sexuality within systems and culture that breed sexual shame, fear, silence, and misinformation.


supportive online

You'll immediately get access to our private Facebook Group filled with other mamas on the journey of raising empowered daughters. Topics range from cycle wisdom and first periods to herbal support and self care.

This is a place to connect with others and share inspiration, challenges and real life scenarios.  Guiding our daughters can be a complex journey, but one that is better done in community.

Monthly live coaching,
interviews and Q&A

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"I realized how critical it is for me to be an example of healthy sexuality for my daughter and it opened the door for us to have a deeper connection, and to exploring and loving my own body more in the process."

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- ashley, mama of 3 daughters

Here’s what you'll experience after you join Creating sexual legacy...


No more worrying that you're not having all the right conversations with your daughter.

No more wondering when and how to talk to your daughter about her body and sexuality.


You'll know how to connect accurate, developmental information with your own intuition and your daughter's curiosity.

Thoughtfully bring awareness to your own sexual story and intnetionally create your sexual legacy. 


authentically connect with your daughter about her body, heart, mind and spirit.

create supportive community with other mothers committed to the same path. 

now is the time

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Enroll now and join the community for just $197!

"Start from honesty, lean into trust, and believe that sexuality is a force for good.”

No matter what your own experience with sexuality has been, now is the time to learn how to guide your daughter to love her body, connect to her inner wisdom, and develop the skills for healthy, life giving relationships.

-Al Vernacchio

frequently asked questions

YES! In fact, I believe the earlier you begin to openly talk about the things that lead to a healthy sexuality like accurate names and functions of body parts, pleasure, boundaries etc., the better. Creating Sexual Legacy is designed to help you find authentic and age-appropriate ways to connect with your daughter with openness and honesty.

I have young daughters - is this relevant for me?

No...but... The course is designed for you as the mother. Ultimately lasting transformation will happen through your connection with her, the conversations you have, your intuition and her curiosity. We designed it with this legacy creation in mind. That said, we have had mamas with older daughters that have gone through the lessons together as a personal preference:)

Are my daughter and I supposed to participate together?

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When does the course begin and end?

YES! You'll have unlimited and lifetime access to all the course materials and a whole year of access to the online community and live calls!

Do I get lifetime access to the course material?

I get it! This question is an important one for us busy moms, so here are the specifics! There is no formal time commitment per week. You can choose how quickly you want to move through the 4 modules. Each module has one video lesson which is about one hour of content. Additionally there are integrations that accompany each module that require personal reflection and mediation time. You'll get the most out of the course if you can carve out some time for those integrations. You have unlimited lifetime access to the content so do what works best for you! 

What is the time commitment per week?

Yes! This is big for me! Moon Daughters has an online community of mothers who have daughters of all ages. These are women who have gone through one of the Moon Daughters courses and are on a similar journey.  I'm available in their too and I host an additional live call once a month for questions, processing, and guest interviews. I also offer 1:1 coaching for an additional cost and if you're interested you can reach me via email to learn more!

Do I get support, community and access to you?

 I've worked hard to make sure the content of the course is accurately and authentically presented so you'll know and love what you'll be getting! I'm happy to issue a refund within 24 hours of your course purchase, if you have a problem just send me an email and let me know.

What is the refund policy?

Cycle Wisdom for Mothers and Daughters (which is the other course Moon Daughters offers) focuses on the feminine cycle - the menstrual cycle, the moon & the natural cycles around us and how to bring our daughters into an embodied and confident understanding of their femininity through these channels of women's wisdom. Cycle Wisdom includes sexuality in a broader sense but doesn't get into the specifics of how to talk to your daughters about sex. Creating Sexual Legacy is focused look at sexuality through three main developmental age ranges with the expert experience of a sex therapist. Both courses are great compliments of one another.

how is this different from your other course?