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are you tired of feeling like you just don't know how to connect with your daughter?

Maybe your daughter is still young, but you worry about how you will guide her in her transition to womanhood.

Or maybe you have a lot of your own baggage around femininity and sexuality, and you want to offer her a different story but just don't know where to begin.

Combining modern research on menstrual health with the ancient wisdom of the cycles all around and within us, we offer cutting edge holistic education so you can broaden your understanding of the feminine cycle and empower your daughter to form a healthy, vital connection to her own femininity at any age.

Moon Daughters is a 3 month online immersion for women who want to confidently guide their daughters on the unique path to womanhood.  


Modern Research + Ancient Wisdom

Our online immersion can be taken at any time and at your own pace!


We’re Jess & Mellisa,

and we're both

holistic coaches,

doulas and mothers

behind our story

behind our story

With daughters ages 2-12, we know what it’s like to feel the urgency of your daughters growing up, feeling the pressure to ensure that we’re “teaching” them the right things about their bodies and the changes they will experience.

On our own healing journeys and through our work with women and families, we’ve discovered that the answer goes beyond the basics of physiology and sex education, and is found in embodying a deep connection to the power of the feminine cycle that we can share with our daughters at any age. This sacred cycle is mirrored in the world all around us and offers a guide to connecting with our own cyclical nature.

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Our modern disconnection

from this ancient cycle

 is at the heart of the angst our daughters feel as they approach womanhood. Our culture sees the feminine cycle as a primitive limitation and our own lived experiences are full of pain and trauma. If we want to offer our daughters a different story, it will have to start with healing our own stories

Here’s what women experience after taking the Moon Daughters Foundations Course...



understand the science of the menstrual cycle and it’s deeper implications

effectively educate your daughter about
the potential of her menstrual cycle

empower your daughter to embody her unique feminine expression



transform your experience of your menstrual cycle 

discover your own personal pattern of expansion and retreat

awaken your own feminine intuition


authentically connect with your daughter at any age

discover your innate connection to the natural cycles around us

create supportive community for yourself and your daughter


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"The Moon Daughters course has empowered me to better understand my body and femininity and has equipped me to create the same for our daughter now and as she grows."

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- Renee, mama of a 5 year old

Our Foundations Course is a take-at-your-own-pace 12 week immersion

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12 week immersive program
6 in-depth video modules
Weekly live coaching and Q&A!
Interactive workbooks and integrations
Private Facebook community

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want to know all the juicy details of what we’ll be exploring in our holistic, research based course?

What You Didn’t Know About the Menstrual Cycle

Broaden your understanding of the menstrual cycle beyond just sex and fertility.

Learn about the deeper significance of each phase of the cycle and how our biochemistry can guide us into connection with our feminine power.


Exploring the Inner Seasons

Learn how the menstrual cycle is supported by an energetic pattern of inner seasons.

Discover how to align with the creative energy of each phase of the cycle and how to support both you and your daughter in your emerging seasonal patterns.


Why the

Explore the science as well as the deep, ancient mystery of our connection with the moon.

Learn how the moon is connected to our feminine cycle and how to align with the power of this cycle even if you are not menstruating.


for Girls

Learn how to expand the definition of “feminine”.  

Create more space for your daughter to discover her unique self expression, and understand how these shifting personal archetypes are directly related to the phases of the feminine cycle.


The Feminine Superpowers

Discover how to help your daughter cultivate the powerful gifts that her femininity offers the world.

Help your daughter honor and connect to her body, discover her own voice and agency and cultivate her intuition and wisdom in alignment with her cyclical nature at any age.


Rhythm and

Learn how to integrate feminine wisdom into everyday life.

Explore ways to bring more intention to your existing rhythms and how to honor sacred moments through community, ceremony and every day connection.


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reclaim the feminine cycle


"You will learn to listen to your body in ways you previously hadn't. You will be empowered for better self-care and self-awareness. You'll be surprised at how much more there is to being a woman than you realized!"

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Stasi, mama of an 11 year old

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