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"You will learn to listen to your body in ways you previously hadn't. You will be empowered for better self-care and self-awareness. You'll be surprised at how much more there is to being a woman than you realized!"

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Stasi, alumni & mama of an 11 year old

I'm Jessica,

mama to 4 daughters,

holistic coach,

doula, and herbalist

my story

my story

With daughters ages 4-14, I know what it’s like to feel the urgency of your daughters growing up, feeling the pressure to ensure that you're “teaching” them the right things about their bodies, minds and spirit; and what it means to be a woman in modern culture. Hoping that you're not passing along your own baggage about, femininity and sexuality.

On my own healing journey and through my work with women and families, I've discovered that the answer goes beyond the basics of physiology and sex education, and is found in embodying a deep connection to the power of the feminine spirit that we can share with our daughters at any age. The way forward from here combines modern science with ancient wisdom and it leads us back to ourselves. The path is ours to walk first.

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it's time to tell 

a different story

Our modern disconnection from the wisdom of our bodies is at the heart of the angst our daughters feel as they approach womanhood. Our culture offers girls a barrage of confusing messages about femininity, and our own lived experiences are full of self doubt and shame. If we want to offer our daughters a different story, it will have to start with changing our own stories.

"The Moon Daughters community gave me creative ideas and a strong support system for discussing my daughter's cycle with her openly, honestly, and from many different angles. Because we'd been able to talk so thoroughly about what to expect, her first periods weren't scary or confusing, but a cause for celebration and closer bonding."

Ashley, mama of 3 daughters

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