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Great question. This will still be totally relevant and will in fact help you support your cyclical nature through powerful practices of connecting with the moon, the seasons around you, and your own shifting energies.  

What if I am not currently menstruating myself?

YES! In fact, we believe the earlier you begin to empower your daughter, the better. Our course is designed to help you find authentic and age-appropriate ways to connect with your daughter and help her form a healthy relationship with her body and future cycle.

I have young daughters - is this relevant for me?

This course is for YOU, not your daughter. You’ll experience personal healing and transformation, and learn lots of practical tools for integrating into your family flow and relationship with your daughter, but it isn’t meant to be taken together. 

Are my daughter and I supposed to participate together?

Yes, we do! When you go to register, you’ll see an option for paying up front or paying over the course of 3 months.  

Do you have a payment plan?

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